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Brand Name: Roxicodone | Generic Name: Oxycodone | Drug Category: Pain Relief medications

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Roxicodone 30mg is a pain killer category tablet. It is used to moderate severe pain. Those persons who suffer from such pain should buy Roxicodone 30mg Online 10mg.

Roxicodone Dosage and Administration

Roxicodone is intended for the management of moderate to severe pain in patients who require treatment with an oral opioid analgesic. The dose should be individually adjusted according to severity of pain, patient response and patient size. If the pain increases in severity, if analgesia is not adequate, or if tolerance occurs, a gradual increase in dosage may be required.

Patients who have not been receiving opioid analgesics should be started on Roxicodone in a dosing range of 5 to 15 mg every 4 to 6 hours as needed for pain. The dose should be titrated based upon the individual patient’s response to their initial dose of Roxicodone. Patients with chronic pain should have their dosage given on an around-the-clock basis to prevent the re occurrence of pain rather than treating the pain after it has occurred. This dose can then be adjusted to an acceptable level of analgesia taking into account side effects experienced by the patient.

For control of severe chronic pain, Roxicodone should be administered on a regularly scheduled basis, every 4-6 hours, at the lowest dosage level that will achieve adequate analgesia.

If clinically advisable, patients (or their caregivers) receiving Roxicodone (oxycodone hydrochloride) tablets should be given the following information by the physician, nurse, pharmacist or caregiver:

  1. Patients should be advised to report episodes of breakthrough pain and adverse experiences occurring during therapy. Individualization of dosage is essential to make optimal use of this medication.
  2. Patients should be advised not to adjust the dose of Roxicodone without consulting the prescribing professional.
  3. Patients should be advised that Roxicodone may impair mental and/or physical ability required for the performance of potentially hazardous tasks (e.g., driving, operating heavy machinery).
  4. Patients should not combine Roxicodone with alcohol or other central nervous system depressants (sleep aids, tranquilizers) except by the orders of the prescribing physician, because additive effects may occur.
  5. Women of childbearing potential who become, or are planning to become pregnant, should be advised to consult their physician regarding the effects of analgesics and other drug use during pregnancy on themselves and their unborn child.
  6. Patients should be advised that Roxicodone is a potential drug of abuse. They should protect it from theft, and it should never be given to anyone other than the individual for whom it was prescribed.
  7. Patients should be advised that if they have been receiving treatment with Roxicodone for more than a few weeks and cessation of therapy is indicated, it may be appropriate to taper the Roxicodone dose, rather than abruptly discontinue it, due to the risk of precipitating withdrawal symptoms. Their physician can provide a dose schedule to accomplish a gradual discontinuation of the medication.

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