If your package is not delivered within 30 days of shipment we will reship the order free of cost. In special circumstances we may reship an order before the original 30 day shipment time frame is up. In that case, the 30 day guarantee timeline will start over at the date of the reshipment. If your order delivers after 30 days have past and we have not yet sent a reshipment, you will not be eligible for an additional shipment or a refund. If we deem your package undeliverable, we will refund your full purchase price at our discretion.

You must report all non-deliveries within 45 calendar days of shipping or your claim may be refused. Orders that do not deliver due to an invalid address provided by the customer, or due to customer failure to retrieve said package, are NOT eligible for a free reshipment and will be subject to additional fees up to 50% percent of total order cost for reshipping.

When requesting a reship for a late order you agree that if the original order does eventually deliver in addition to the reshipped order, you will pay for the duplicate order at a 10% discount. No additional discounts or reward points can be applied in this situation.

Guaranteed Product Quality:

If we fulfill your order incorrectly or it arrives damaged or defective we will reship your order free of charge upon receiving a picture of the product in question.

All medicines are authentic, safe, and FDA/WHO approved:

The drugs sold by the major brand names in your country are usually manufactured in foreign countries where the lowest manufacturing costs are available. India has emergered as the world’s highest quality and lowest cost pharmaceutical manufacturer and now manufactures most of the medicines sold in North America and Europe. In order to meet the quality and safety standards of all the countries they manufacture for, the standards for India pharmaceutical manufacturers are higher than the EU or US. The drugs our pharmacist ships to you are all the same exact drugs that you buy in your country with the identical active ingredients and manufactured under the same quality standards by a major pharmaceutical company in India that is FDA inspected.

They will probably not have the same brand name or appearance as sold in your country as each drug is sold under different brand names in each country but the active ingredients are the same. To be sure you get the right drug it is best to shop by the chemical name or generic name, not the brand name.